MediaTek Announces Wearable-Focused MT2523 Nick

MediaTek Announces Wearable-Focused MT2523 Nick

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Most smart watches and other alike wearables use re-purposed phone processors such as the Snapdragon 400. MediaTek is attempting to provide a focused alternative using the just-announced MT2523. It is a complete system-in-package (SiP) for wearables with Gps navigation, dual-mode Bluetooth LE, support for top-resolution screens, along with a highly efficient Cortex M4 CPU.

Efficiency is the specific game for that MT2523. The PCB area is 41% smaller sized than similar designs and MediaTek estimates wearables operated by the nick can last greater than a week on the charge. The built-in Gps navigation can make this nick ideal for fitness-oriented devices particularly. However, fitness trackers might finish up to be the primary marketplace for the MT2523.

Smart watches running Android Put on have mostly been in line with the Cortex-A7 CPU core, which is a lot more effective compared to M4 within the MT2523. Unless of course something alterations in Put on, this nick will most likely power more sensible smart watches along with other wearables. MediaTek states the MT2523 will be prepared for device makers within the first 1 / 2 of 2016, so anticipate seeing it appear in products later this season.


[Deal Alert] Grab An Aluminum Three Coil Choetech Charging Stand 2A Power For $27.99 After $8 Off CC At Amazon

[Deal Alert] Grab An Aluminum Three Coil Choetech Charging Stand   2A Power For $27.99 After $8 Off CC At Amazon
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Wireless charging. I really thought it may be on all premium Android devices at this time, nevertheless it seems manufacturers still aren’t sure whether this should actually be a default feature or else.

It’s pretty disappointing the brand new kind of Nexi (confident that’s plural for nexus) selected the UBS Type C or bust route. However, you can still find lots of devices in the marketplace that sport inductive chargers.

To get the best wireless charging experience It’s my job to recommend employing a three coil charger. The additional coils create a bigger charging area creating anymore consistent connection.

Basically, perfect for lazy people like myself that don’t want the irritation of double checking to make sure their phone is actually charging when placed on a charging pad.

Quality three coil charging stands usually sell inside the $30-40 range, and frequently as much as $60. Individuals pricing is also frequently just for the charging plate, a power supply is certainly an additional expense!

Well, today Choetech features a very solid deal by themselves 4.4 star rated wireless CHOE Iron Stand. You’ll be able to get one, by getting an incorporated 2A power, only for $27.99 after while using $8 off promotional code ZNJUGMOI. The stand is extremely attractive inside my eyes, it’s produced from aluminum and may charge something placed on it in both landscape or portrait position.

For those who have a 2A power and just like a set charging plate greater than a stand, you perfectly might also consider the CHOE Stadium three coil charging pad. You’ll be able to grab one for $18.99 after applying promotional code 383DEP2X. (Note, only the white-colored-colored model is on purchase)

I own numerous wireless accessories from Choetech and I’ve been impressed utilizing their quality and costs. Aside from my recommendation, there is also a great 18 month warranty by themselves devices which will help you’re feeling secure within your purchase.

Sky Go adds ITV channels in time for the World Cup

Sky Go adds ITV channels in time for the World Cup

Sky Go

Sky has struck up a new partnership with ITV, bringing all five ITV channels to its on-the-move Sky Go service for the first time.

For those footy fans out there this deal has come just at the right time, with ITV’s World Cup coverage to be available through Sky’s computer, tablet and smartphone service.

Sadly, this does come at a cost – but not a financial one. Although ITV’s World Cup programming will now be available on the fly through Sky Go, those looking to make use of the service will have to put up with Adrian Chiles’ inane drivel.

“Allowing viewers to access our shows across a range of platforms and devices, both at home and on the move, is a key part of our strategy,” Martin Goswami, ITV’s Director of Pay and Distribution said.” We’re delighted to offer Sky customers the chance to never miss their favourite ITV shows on Sky Go.”

As well as the ITV channel, the deal sees ITV 2, ITV 3 and ITV 4 all included in the Sky Go service. CITV has also been added in a move that sees Sky Go now offer more than 60 live channels of content.

“Sky Go is home to the widest range of channels available anywhere our customers are, and reaching the milestone of over 60 live channels is a huge achievement,” Luke Bradley-Jones, Sky’s Brand Director of TV Products, stated.

“We are really excited to offer ITV channels on Sky Go as we know there can be a fight for the remote when a big summer of sport kicks off. Whether people want to catch the football – or take refuge from it – this gives our customers even more flexibility to enjoy the TV they love, on their terms.”

As well as offerings England’s games against Uruguay and Costa Rica on June 19 and 24 respectively, ITV’s World Cup coverage will include the final on July 13.

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[Update: It's Back] [Deal Alert] eBay Has A Sony 65-Inch 4K TV With Android TV For $1200 ($300 Off Street Price), US Only

[Update: It’s Back] [Deal Alert] eBay Has A Sony 65-Inch 4K TV With Android TV For $1200 ($300 Off Street Price), US Only
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  • Update 1: 2016/06/24 5:30pm PDT

    The deal is back under a new listing. The previous (expired) listing can be seen here.

It’s not often that we get to write about standard TVs on Android Police… because there aren’t many that run Android. But Sony’s high-end models are the exception, and today BuyDig’s eBay account is offering one of the latest models at a significant discount. The XBR-65X810C is a 65-inch LED TV with 4K resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and it runs Android TV out of the box. The eBay price is $1199.99 with free shipping, which is $300 cheaper than most online and brick-and-mortar retailers, and an impressive $900 off the retail price.

The XBR-65X810C is equipped with Sony’s X1 image processor for accurate colors and upscaling to the native 3840×2160 LED panel. The remote control includes a built-in microphone for voice commands, just like the Nexus Player and SHIELD TV, and because it’s Sony-branded it’s compatible with the company’s PlayStation Now streaming service. The TV can handle four simultaneous HDMI inputs, and it also includes three USB ports for expanding storage or connecting controllers or other input.

This is a new unit, not refurbished, and it comes with a standard manufacturer warranty. Unfortunately, since the seller is technically BuyDig, it’s only available in the United States. (The seller isn’t shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, either.) New Jersey residents will have to pay 7% sales tax – everyone else will just have to pay it separately when they file their income taxes.*

Update 1: 2016/06/24 5:30pm PDT

The deal is back under a new listing. The previous (expired) listing can be seen here.

End of Update

Kodi (Formerly XBMC) Is Now Officially Available On The Play Store In Beta And Alpha Forms

Kodi (Formerly XBMC) Is Now Officially Available On The Play Store In Beta And Alpha Forms
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Once upon a time, Kodi was known as XBMC, and it was developed for hacked Xboxes. This open source media hub went on to run on PCs and mobile devices, but it hasn’t been deployed in the Play Store until now. There are some not-so-secret Google+ communities for beta and alpha versions of Kodi, and you can join them right now.

The team behind Kodi hasn’t publicized the existence of the app on the Play Store, but neither has it made the groups invite only. The devs were apparently hoping to keep it on the down-low until all the kinks were worked out (sorry, guys). If you’re cool with a few bugs, you might want to join up. Having the app in the Play Store instead of sideloaded means you’ll get automatic updates as new versions are released.

The process to get access should be familiar to anyone who has participated in a Google Play testing program before. Simply choose either the alpha (Isengard) or beta (Helix) group based on your tolerance for bugs. Join that, opt into the test, and download the app. Then settle in and enjoy your media in a rad way.

Role of a Chief Innovation Officer for the 21st century

Role of a Chief Innovation Officer for the 21st century

Has your organisation fully prepared to take advantage of enterprise mobility solutions and associated cloud service offerings? If not, then perhaps you lack the leadership of a savvy CIO – that is, a Chief Innovation Officer that can enable your business for prosperity in the global networked economy.

In the current operating environment, organizations need to improve the efficiency of business processes and provide better services and innovative products to customers through both established and emerging channels to ensure competitive advantage in the global marketplace, according to the latest market study by Ovum.

Their research revealed that IT is under pressure to combine existing resources and infrastructure with emerging technologies to deliver the desired functionality in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Communications enablement can reduce the latency associated with human involvement in business processes and provide many benefits such as more efficient resource utilisation, faster time-to-value, and more effective collaboration – both within and between enterprises.

“The rapid proliferation of mobility solutions is creating complex integration issues that need new solutions. Lightweight mobile middleware is gaining ground as a suitable approach for integration of mobility solutions with enterprise IT systems and business process,” explains Saurabh Sharma, senior analyst at Ovum.

Why You Need a Strategic Roadmap for ICT

Ovum believes that mobility will drive demand for communications-enabled business process (CEBP) development – to enable person-to-person interactions, as well as application/business process-to-person and person-to-application/business process interactions.

Many CEBP development platforms are highly proprietary and do not provide all the necessary tools and interfaces to ease the complexity of communications and business process integration.

Customisation work done by system integrators (SIs) to enable the integration of communications services with specific business processes adds to the total cost of ownership (TCO) of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions and, for this reason, is not a sustainable approach in the long run.

Sharma adds “CEBP development should not be approached as a one-off project. Instead, organizations should develop a strategy and roadmap, and prioritise business processes for communications enablement based on their business value.”

Organisations should focus on leveraging existing integration architecture for the development of CEBPs and to enable integration between disparate applications; service-oriented architecture (SOA) and event-driven architecture (EDA) are architectural prerequisites for CEBPs.

That being said, do you have the best talent for the task at hand?

Are you ready for cloud computing? Before opening your wallet, take a good hard look at what your information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure is really like. After a decade in the doldrums, corporate IT spending is showing signs of waking up: companies worldwide are investing in mobility, cloud-based services and collaboration tools.

The following video interview describes the related findings from new research by INSEAD. They suggest that business leaders should heed their warning, Don’t Waste Your ICT Investments.

Apple Indoor Survey app may provide indoor GPS

Apple Indoor Survey app may provide indoor GPS

Apple Maps

Apple may have solved the issue of tracking users when indoors with a new app called Indoor Survey.

GPS tracking has become an important part of everyday life, enabling us to navigate from one location to the next using our smartphones.

However, one persistent issue remains – continuing to track a person’s location whilst they’re indoors. It’s a problem Apple may have just cracked.

App developer Steve Troughton-Smith has spotted a new Apple app on the App Store called Indoor Survey. The app enables indoor positioning within a venue without the need of special equipment like Apple’s own iBeacons.

“By dropping ‘points’ on a map within the Survey App, you indicate your position within the venue as you walk through,” reads the app blurb. “As you do so, the indoor Survey App measures the radio frequency (RF) signal data and combines it with an iPhone’s sensor data. The end result is indoor positioning without the need to install special hardware.”

In other words, the app enables your iPhone to situate you by reading local radio signals from Wi-Fi and and phone networks, in conjunction with the iPhone’s own sensors.

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As Apple Insider points out, this use of technology appears likely to have stemmed from WifiSLAM, a Wi-Fi based interior location start-up Apple acquired in 2013.

Indoor Survey is only available via a direct App Store link, which means you won’t find it if you search for it.

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Snapchat 9.27 Weaves Together Text, Photos, Audio, Video, And GIFs For Chat 2.0

Snapchat 9.27 Weaves Together Text, Photos, Audio, Video, And GIFs For Chat 2.0
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Snapchat isn’t merely an app you open up to take photos that will probably get you in trouble someday. It’s also a place to have conversations that you will ultimately regret. But at least with version 9.27, you’re likely to enjoy that conversation more than you would before.

The latest version of the instant messenger known for auto-deleting things introduces Chat 2.0, which is a redesign that takes the pre-existing experience and makes it more spiffy. The core change is an emphasis on being able to move quickly between typing, talking using your voice, or interacting on video.


You don’t need to already be in a chat with someone to start a voice or video call, and you can leave a short message (either as an audio recording a GIF-like video one) for the recipient to see when they return to the app. You can also leave a photo in the middle of a conversation, whether you’re communicating via text or speaking out loud.

The other main addition is what Snapchat calls Auto-Advance Stories. Stories, for less regular Snapchat users, are a personal stream of photos and videos that last for a limited time. Now when you finish one, the next one begins automatically.

What’s New:

  • Improved Chat
    Redesigned with fun new ways to talk with your friends!
  • Auto-Advance Stories
    The fastest way to catch up with your friends — simply swipe to skip ahead, or pull down to exit.

The update is available now from Google Play. And don’t worry, if you don’t grab it right away, you won’t miss it.

Freemium takes charge on the app store

Freemium takes charge on the app store

Flurry the mobile app analytics firm published an interesting report recently which shows that the freemium model now accounts for a large part of the total revenues from the App Store. Specifically it highlighted that free-to-play games now account for 65 per cent of the total revenues from the App Store’s Top 100 titles. Earlier this year that figure stood at just 39 per cent.

When Steve Jobs initially announced the introduction of in-app purchases earlier this year the exec had intended the system to be restricted to premium games.

However, following an uproar from the dev community this decision was overturned, opening the floodgates to a new era of freemium iOS titles.

Huawei Mate 2 And Moto E 2015 CyanogenMod Nightly Builds Are Now Available For Download

Huawei Mate 2 And Moto E 2015 CyanogenMod Nightly Builds Are Now Available For Download
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The CyanogenMod team continues to develop builds for new phones, and today we get support for two budget-oriented options that are popular with the unlocked crowd. The Moto E 2015, a phone with a relatively small screen and a tiny price, and the Huawei Mate 2, a phone with a relatively enormous screen and a price that’s still pretty small, both have CyanogenMod 12.1 (Android 5.1) ROMs waiting for them on the official download site.

The Mate 2 is under the “mt2” codename, currently with three nightly builds available, and the Moto E 2015 is (for no obvious reason) labeled “otus” with two builds available at the time of writing. Both builds weigh in at around 250MB, and that doesn’t include Google Apps, which you’ll need to flash in a separate package. Between the two of them, I imagine that the Mate 2 will see more CyanogenMod users, since Motorola’s low-end hardware is pretty close to bone stock Android already. They’ve been working on the build for the Mate 2 for quite a while.

The usual warnings apply here; these are nightly builds, so they’re likely to be considerably less stable than stock software or CyanogenMod’s more infrequent releases. Users might be tempted to wait for Android 6.0 to be released before flashing a new ROM, but Cyanogen tends to take several months to release an updated version, Huawei isn’t known for speedy updates either, and Motorola has been slipping as of late. Happy flashing.

How to watch Snapchat stories on your desktop browser

How to watch Snapchat stories on your desktop browser


We might know Snapchat as a mobile app, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for expansion.

Snapchat has quietly launched a desktop site update that lets you view snaps outside of the app.

It’s the first time Snapchat has made snaps viewable off-mobile, although there’s still a caveat.

Unfortunately, Snapchat has only made it possible to view a single live story – the Oscars 2016 coverage.

Check it out here


However, the new ‘live’ tab suggests more live stories will also be making their way to the desktop site.

It’s still not clear whether Snapchat will ever make general snaps available on desktop, but this is certainly progress in the right direction.

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The advantage of having a dedicated desktop version of a live story is that it’s easy to share the link.

That could be a serious boon for Snapchat’s desktop traffic, and a way to capitalise on people searching for live event coverage on their computers.

Snapchat hasn’t made any official comment on the curiously quiet feature launch, so we’ll have to assume this is just a trial for now.

Do you think Snapchat should publish more live stories on its desktop site? Let us know in the comments.