Lumity raises $19 million to create data-driven recommendations to company health plans

Lumity, a business that offers to improve company health plans by data-driven recommendations, has elevated $19 million inside a series B round of funding. The round was brought by DFJ, with participation from Social Capital Partnership and True Ventures.

Founded from San Mateo, California in 2014, Lumity provides a platform made to help companies as well as their employees manage and select the right health plans while saving the businesses time and money.

Lumity states help set “fair benefit plan rates” according to insights right into a company’s group health risks profile.

Above: Lumity: Insights

Lumity may also make use of the data to recommend specific plans according to employees’ needs.

Above: Choose benefits

Employees themselves have access to data and insights specific to their personal health plan profile, while employers have access to a wider analytics dashboard that shows overall expenditure, filled with reports and breakdowns.

Above: Lumity: Data visualization

The organization elevated $14 million inside a series A round in 2015, with its latest cash injection it intends to expand its “benefits advisory practice and technical and back-office teams,” based on an announcement.

Lumity stated it increased its revenue by 800 percent in the last year, also it claims numerous notable clients, including Lyft, Green house, the Linux Foundation, and GoFundMe.

There’s been an increase in funding for platforms that concentrate on benefits and healthcare at work. Captured, Livongo elevated $52.5 million to assist big companies and health plan providers searching to optimize their spending, while Vida Health nabbed $18 million to enhance employees’ health insurance and cut the price of healthcare. Elsewhere, Accolade – an on-demand healthcare concierge targeted at employers – closed a $94 million funding round, and recently Hinge Health elevated $8 million to tackle back discomfort along with other chronic injuries included in health care insurance options.

“Every company includes a discomfort point around integrating HR technology, helping employees make informed benefits decisions, and driving financial savings with more and more costly corporate benefits programs,” stated DFJ partner Josh Stein, in explaining the VC firm’s decision to purchase Lumity. “There isn’t any accountability from either HR technology vendors or brokers to really acknowledge and address the difficulties employers and employees face within this new ecosystem. Lumity may be the first solution that can take a really customer-centric method of tackling the advantages ecosystem.”

Baidu and China Existence to produce $1 billion technology investment fund

(Reuters) – China Existence and Baidu will form a 7 billion yuan ($1 billion) private equity finance fund, targeting internet along with other technology investments, China Life’s listed arm stated on Thursday.

The Baidu Fund Partnership is going to be capitalized by China Existence via a special partnership, that will lead as much as 5.6 billion yuan, China Existence stated inside a Hong Kong Stock Market statement.

Baidu, china language search on the internet provider, will lead around 1.4 billion yuan.

The Baidu Fund Partnership will concentrate on middle to later stage investment, including unlisted companies with “significant association” with China, online sector, including mobile internet, artificial intelligence, and internet finance, the statement stated.

The partners have the effect of having to pay 30 % of the capital contributions initially, it stated.


Apple Pencil could get additional features and are available towards the Mac

Apple will get lots of patents awarded, even though most never see real use, a current award might be one which hits the shelves.

Patent #9,400,570 describes new functions for that Apple Pencil. The pencil first made an appearance for that iPad Pro with technology to create writing and applying the glass touchscreen a lot more like dealing with pencil and paper.

The brand new patent shows individuals features to become augmented, enabling the Pencil to operate without touching the touchscreen, therefore it perform with iPads and Macs.

The brand new technology will enable while using Pencil like a joystick and controller for manipulating objects on screen. This could result in the Apple Pencil particularly helpful for modeling.

The way the NHS aims to enhance healthcare by boosting productivity through mobility

The way the NHS aims to enhance healthcare by boosting productivity through mobility

It’s lengthy been mooted that giving employees more freedom using their cellular devices can result in a more happy, more lucrative workforce. The security of knowledge remains vital – as well as in an industry for example healthcare, it isn’t just the organization you’re letting lower, but potentially private patient details.

With figures varying from 1 in 5 to one out of three users acknowledging to losing devices in public areas, based on whom you read, it’s a game title of roulette senior executives shouldn’t be playing. It isn’t just hypothetical examples of these things happening either in October the data Commissioner’s Office let slip information on a Royal Veterinary College worker who lost a video camera which incorporated a storage device holding passport pictures of six potential job seekers.

For that South Devon NHS Health Trust, this balanced exercise of improving operations although keeping data secure was very apparent.

The South Devon arm from the health service has its own IT cared for through the South Devon Health Informatics Service (SDHIS), supplying support to 2 groups, the South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Torbay and Southern Devon Health insurance and Care NHS Trust.

David Hayes could it be operations manager for SDHIS. He notes the apple ipad 2 “opened the door” to elevated productivity through mobility, however it didn’t come without its risks.

“Having employees use unsecure, unapproved applications would be a huge risk that didn’t adhere to our information governance policies,” he notes.

“We needed a means for staff to simply share important documents, however with water tight security, comprehensive audit trails and files located on-site.”

The problem was that despite getting an MDM solution in position, employees were using file-discussing solutions for example Dropbox – surface of any enterprise blacklisted application list – and putting the Trust’s security in danger, unwittingly or otherwise.

A workable solution was mooted, but involved direct accessibility network with no Virtual private network. Eventually, following a six-month trial, the Trust opted for mobile file discussing provider Accellion to supply sufficient file encryption and authentication.

“Our utilization of Accellion is distributing through our organisation just like a spider’s web,” notes Hayes, “creating instant collaboration systems with independent providers, medical professionals, along with other third-parties.”

So with a brand new secure solution in position, exactly what does this elevated mobility seem like in daily business? To begin with, this means that conferences tend to be more productive instead of webmaster disbursing hard copies of meeting notes, everything adopts a workspace enabling employees to annotate and examine notes random. Additionally, it influences patient care, with teams having the ability to interact more freely on individual patient cases.

“IT is enabling a different way of working,” he adds. “We have senior executives who now do 95% of the focus on an iPad.”


T-Mobile Really Does not Enjoy It Whenever You Call Binge On’s Video Quality Throttling What It’s, That Is Throttling

T-Mobile Really Does not Enjoy It Whenever You Call Binge On’s Video Quality Throttling What It’s, That Is Throttling

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Listen, I do not really have trouble with Binge On itself – it is a pretty nifty value-add for T-Mobile customers that enables these to throttle all of their video streamed over mobile data to 480p, in return for a number of that video (Binge On partner services, like Netflix, but particularly not YouTube) not counting against their plan’s data cap. I think about this a “pretty fair deal.” In return for lowering the burden of video bandwidth on T-Mobile’s network, you’re able to stream all of the [partnered] OK-quality video you would like. It’s nice!

But T-Mobile originates under fire – and i believe appropriately so – for the truth that Binge On is definitely an opt-out service that doesn’t clearly disclose to subscribers precisely what they have instantly subscribed to. Namely, throttling the caliber of video streamed over T-Mobile’s data network. Now, we are able to argue technical semantics about precisely what throttling is day, all week, and most likely into eternity. But on its face, listed here are the details about how exactly Binge On works.

  • Binge On identifies a kind of traffic – video – whenever a subscriber is applying T-Mobile’s data network.
  • Any traffic recognized as video will be, by whatever means, not permitted to stream for a price above 480p.
  • It has the result of placing a hard cap on the quantity of bandwidth allotted to some subscriber for video streaming – a cap not the same as that on other data types – at a moment.

Is video identified? No. Is video limited to the identical bitrate? No. However when Binge On is switched on, your video visitors are receiving treatment differently than usual traffic, and under typical network conditions, that difference generally produces a degradation and services information versus when the feature weren’t switched on. Within my dictionary, that’s throttling, no matter any capability to opt out. YouTube along with other non-BingeOn partners agree. Now, in T-Mobile’s dictionary, that is a marketing dictionary that will just like to prevent the FCC’s wrath, it obviously is certainly not throttling. T-Mobile gave this statement to DSL Reports about them:

While using term “throttle” is misleading … We aren’t slowing lower YouTube or other site. Actually, because video is enhanced for cellular devices, streaming from all of these sites ought to be just like fast, otherwise quicker than before. A much better phrase is “mobile optimized” or perhaps a less flattering “downgraded” can also be accurate.

OK, sure, “optimizing.” Returning to reality: are you able to opt using this throttling? Yes. However the issue here’s that T-Mobile is not giving customers the entire picture of the thing it is they have instantly been signed up for, and also the party which will belong to fire for reduced video quality is not just T-Mobile, however the services whose video quality has all of a sudden been reduced. Most customers likely do not know what “throttling” is, however they are evident their YouTube videos all of a sudden look a good bit blockier compared to what they did a few several weeks ago, and they are most likely just like prone to point the finger at YouTube for your because they are T-Mobile.

It appears basically inevitable the FCC will probably be made to weigh on within this, especially considering that Google and YouTube are some of the open internet’s most powerful advocates, and also have emerge against T-Mobile’s program. An easy solution would appear to become to create Binge With an informed opt-in – as opposed to a partly-informed opt-out – which basically guarantees T-Mobile’s enrollment within the program will drop, and video bandwidth usage goes support. Clearly, this type of change wouldn’t be in T-Mobile’s best business interests.

I will be watching how that one unfolds, as it is prone to continue doing, within the coming several weeks.

Facebook is only going to use Moves data to construct application

Facebook is only going to use Moves data to construct application



UPDATE: Facebook has defended Moves’ recent online privacy policy change, stating it’ll just use the information to enhance the service.

Apparently the online privacy policy changes were only made to ensure that Facebook employees can “really focus on building the application”, based on an announcement received by Engadget.

By getting all of your Moves data, Facebook can profit the small Moves team of developers to keep and boost the fitness tracking software.

Facebook added it has “no plans” to merge your Moves private data together with your FAceboook account, so be assured there won’t be any fitness-focus targeted ads hitting your Facebook Feed because of Moves data.

Original Story: Moves has updated its online privacy policy proclaiming that it could share your private data with Facebook.

Following a new Facebook has acquired the Moves fitness tracking service, users were very concerned what can happen to their own personal data.

The organization immediately attempted to assuage its userbase having a blog publish outlining that Moves would still operate like a separate entity in the social networking giant.

“The Moves experience continuously operate like a standalone application, and you will find no intends to change that or commingle data with Facebook”, browse the company’s blog publish following the acquisition was announced.

However, Moves has updated its online privacy policy to mirror the very fact it’s already backtracked on its initial claims.

“We may share information including personally identifying information, with this Affiliates (firms that are members of our corporate categories of companies, including although not restricted to Facebook) to assist provide, understand and improve our services,” reads Moves’ updated online privacy policy.

It’s only been two days because the acquisition was announced with no doubt users is a little perplexed why Moves couldn’t keep Facebook from its users’ data enjoy it initially outlined.

Facebook’s official statement around the matter originates from The Verge, which despite claiming Facebook and Moves are a couple of separate entities, also revealed the 2 could share information acquired with the Moves application.

“Commingling, or merging, data would let us identify Moves users who’re also Facebook users – we’ve no plans to achieve that. Quite simply, Facebook isn’t adding Moves user data to some Facebook user’s Facebook account. But, Facebook is going to be supplying support and services towards the Moves application and so that you can do that, we must have the data that Moves already collects from the users – that is “sharing” data.”

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Google Drive will get much more effective on Android and iOS

Google Drive will get much more effective on Android and iOS

Google Drive

Google has updated its Drive apps for Android and iOS with a lot of effective additional features.

The organization has had to the own social networking to announce the brand new updates to Google Drive, and they are pretty significant.

On Android, now you can look for your Google Drive files direct in the Search application. Which means you should use the “OK, Google” vocal prompt a single article your financial allowance spreadsheet.

Or, to make use of Google’s own example, you can say “OK, Google – look for holiday letter on Drive” with no fuss of searching for this in Drive or perhaps keying in some key phrases.

For iPhone and iPad users, at this point you get the opportunity to upload any file to Google Drive. Which means files using their company, non-Google iOS apps. Helpful.

Both android and ios Google Drive users now get the opportunity to access and share any maps produced inside the new Google My Maps tool.

The iOS Google Drive update has become on the Application Store, as the Android update will apparently unveil within the in a few days approximately.

Case the most recent inside a whole spate of latest Google software updates. The organization seems to possess been spending so much time to create all its apps consistent with Android 5. Lollipop’s Material Design, and also to generally enhance the Google experience in front of all individuals new smartphones and Computers being booted up within the Christmas period.

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Android N Dev Preview 2 Adds A Sixth Full Importance Notification Setting Level

Android N Dev Preview 2 Adds A Sixth Full Importance Notification Setting Level

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Series: Android N Feature Spotlights

This information is a part of our Android N Feature Spotlights series.

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    Google Launcher On Android N Dev Preview 2 Has Pinch To Overview And App Info When Dragging From The Home Screen

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    Android N Dev Preview 2 Adds A Sixth Full Importance Notification Setting Level

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    [Update: Calculator Works When Device Is Locked] Android N Dev Preview 2 Adds A Calculator Quick Settings Tile

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    Android N Dev Preview 2 Expands Quick Reply To The Lockscreen

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Within the first Android N Dev Preview, we spotted a complete Importance establishing the machine UI Tuner that enables you to definitely granularly control each app’s notifications and choose whether you would like them to appear, play seem, look on the top of the screen, climb to the top notification list, and much more.

Within the second N preview, the five levels are becoming slightly renamed and there is an sixth added level for very urgent notifications. First, you will find a brand new Min importance setting level, however it does exactly what the previous Low importance setting accustomed to. The brand new Low importance is perfect for what was once the standard importance formerly. Yeah, Google loves to challenge us like this.

The main difference in functionality is incorporated in the three upper levels. Now you can let a notification create a seem without getting it show on the top from the list with Normal importance (that wasn’t possible within the old system), the brand new High importance is only the renamed Urgent importance from before, and also the new Urgent importance does all you need to spot the notification: look, play seem, and climb to the top notifications.

Listed here are the five Full importance settings in the first Dev Preview:

  • Blocked – never show these notifications
  • Low importance – quietly show at the end from the notification list
  • Normal importance – quietly show these notifications
  • High importance – show towards the top of the notifications list making seem
  • Urgent importance – look to the screen making seem.

And also the new 6 Full importance settings from Dev Preview 2:

  • Blocked – never show these notifications
  • Min importance – quietly show at the end from the notification list
  • Low importance – quietly show these notifications
  • Normal importance – allow these notifications to create sounds
  • High importance – look to the screen and permit seem

Urgent importance – show towards the top of the notifications list, look to the screen and permit seem.

Overall, despite the fact that these levels are becoming more difficult, they be preferable within this new order, especially with regards to the phrase a “Normal importance.” How that much cla did not play seem before is beyond me. You’ll want to observe that these can only surface if you have enabled them within the System UI Tuner, which you need to be nerdy enough to unlock to begin with. They are certainly not provided for that average user.


CyanogenMod Nightly Builds Available These Days For That HTC One M8 Dual-SIM And Xiaomi Mi4

CyanogenMod Nightly Builds Available These Days For That HTC One M8 Dual-SIM And Xiaomi Mi4

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  • Update 1: 2015/08/22 1:51pm PDT
  • We have have been told by a dependable source the “victara” nightly builds for that Moto X 2014 are actually suitable for the Verizon version, that was lately added
  • Update 2: 2015/08/22 4:45pm PDT
  • Based on commenter TheDorkKnightRises, the cancro CyanogenMod build may also be exhibited towards the Xiaomi Mi3.

The CyanogenMod ROM team of developers continues to increase its ever-expanding selection of formally-supported devices. Today we obtain just a little-known variant from the huge manufacturer along with a huge phone from the little-known manufacturer (outdoors of China, anyway): the twin-SIM form of HTC’s 2014 flagship One M8, and Xiaomi’s Mi4, correspondingly. Both of them are like nightly develops CyanogenMod’s download repository.

The ROMs are labeled “M8dug” for that One M8 and “cancro” for that Mi4. Have just two builds during the time of writing, plus they might or might not be included to a far more stable release next time the ROM team releases one – the treatment depends about how stable and have-complete the developers can acquire the builds. Both of them are running CM 12.1, the most recent public discharge of the ROM according to Android 5.1, and also the downloads weigh in at approximately 263MB.

HTC and Xiaomi phones include significantly heavy “skins,” and also the latter does not have the Play Store in China, so it’s not hard to understand why users may want some alternative software. (Technically CyanogenMod does not include Google Apps either – you will need to flash the Gapps ZIP package to include them.) That stated, because of the early nature from the builds, users may want to watch for some thing stable before flashing, or at best create a recovery backup from the stock ROM.

Update 1: 2015/08/22 1:51pm PDT

We have have been told by a dependable source the “victara” nightly builds for that Moto X 2014 are actually suitable for the Verizon version, that was lately put into the sun’s rays bootloader unlock tool.

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Update 2: 2015/08/22 4:45pm PDT

Based on commenter TheDorkKnightRises, the cancro CyanogenMod build may also be exhibited towards the Xiaomi Mi3.

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[Again] Google Calendar is lower for a lot of users

[Again] Google Calendar is lower for a lot of users

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  • Update 1: 2016/06/30 8:37am PDT

    Aaand it’s back. Google hasn’t said what caused the outage, but it looks like Calendar is up and running once again.


Google services are the most dependable on the internet, but Google can’t guarantee 100% uptime. Many users (including the majority of us around the AP team) are seeing a mistake message when attemping to gain access to Google Calendar online. This stuff will likely happen roughly once a week, but it is always a surprise once they do.

To date, Google has not released any official statement, but Calendar’s application status page reports something disruption that is presently being investigated. We’ll make sure to update with increased information when it might be available.

Update 1: 2016/06/30 8:37am PDT

Aaand it’s back. Google has not stated what caused the outage, but it appears as though Calendar is ready to go once more.

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June Security Update Factory Images And OTA ZIPs For Nexus Products Are Live


June Security Update Factory Images And OTA ZIPs For Nexus Products Are Live

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Directly on schedule around the first Monday from the month, Google’s latest security updates for Nexus devices have showed up. Both factory images and OTA update zips for June 2016 are for sale to the next devices, Android version 6..1, the following with build figures for your benefit.

  • Pixel C – MXC89H
  • Nexus 6P – MTC19V
  • Nexus 5X – MTC19V
  • Nexus 6 – MOB30M
  • Nexus Player – MOB30M
  • Nexus 9 LTE – MOB30M
  • Nexus 9 Wi-Fi – MOB30M
  • Nexus 5 – MOB30M
  • Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi – MOB30M

Nexus 7 2013 3G – MOB30Mre available here, which month’s updates contain six security fixes Google has considered “critical,” four which are specific to Qualcomm driver privilege elevation vulnerabilities (an additional five such Qualcomm driver vulnerabilities were classified from high to moderate severity). You’ll find that the Nexus 10, once more, isn’t thing about this round of monthly security updates, suggesting Bing is now formally sunsetting non-super-duper-critical security updates for that tablet moving forward.

You’ll find the updates in the source links below.