Was iOS 5 well worth the wait?

Was iOS 5 well worth the wait?

Apple’s much anticipated iOS 5 premiered yesterday. The brand new operating-system offers a variety of additional features and enhancements for Apple devices.

  • The brand new notification product is the greatest new feature. Messages are displayed towards the top of your screen, meaning you can keep around the application you’re presently focusing on, without getting to bother with the notification. You may also personalize this selection to meet your requirements.
  • Apple’s undertake Blackberry Messenger can also be available, where one can send group or individual message to individuals via 3G or Wi-Fi. iMessage works similar to the normal MMS application, but uses emails rather to transmit text and photos to individuals.
  • Your camera settings also have gone advanced, with added photo-editing choices. Now you can rotate or crop a picture, along with other things, effortlessly. You may also access the digital camera from the lock screen.
  • Twitter continues to be integrated with iOS 5, meaning you are able to send tweets and photos from Safari, Photos, Maps and YouTube, combined with the primary application.
  • Newly discovered apps featuring can also be found, either by iOS 5 or download. Included in this are Newsstand, which holds your magazine/newspaper subscriptions for simple access, and discover My Buddies, to talk about your location with others.
  • You don’t need to depend in your USB cable for connecting your Apple device to iTunes. iOS 5 enables you to sync them together by Wi-Fi or iCloud, which makes it simpler to instantly download apps across devices.

However, Apple weren’t ready for that hurry and also the release left many users disappointed yesterday, because they were welcomed by a mistake message during installation.

The issue began when so many people attempted to connect with Apple’s servers to be able to install the brand new system simultaneously, making ‘Error 3200’ show up on people’s screens.

Apple’s server reps were stated to become focusing on the issue. Others issues incorporated missing apps, extended backups and bricked iPhones.

Not everybody experienced these complaints, so people could benefit from the lengthy-anticipated software with no extended wait.

Have you experience challenge with installing iOS 5? What’s your favourite feature? Tell us within the comments below.

Mark Your Calendars-Google I/O 2015 Is Going On On May 28th And 29th

Mark Your Calendars-Google I/O 2015 Is Going On On May 28th And 29th

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Google I/O is a big event for Android each year, so we know when it is going lower in 2015. Google’s mind of Chrome and Android, Sundar Pichai has published the state dates on the internet . The conference is going to be held on May 28th and 29th in Bay Area.

You will see a restricted quantity of spots at I/O, and there is always lots of competition for tickets. Google began managing a lottery this past year to create ticket disbursement more fair. It will likely be exactly the same factor this season, based on the registration page. Registrations will open on March 17 at 9AM PDT. If you cannot allow it to be, all of the sessions ought to be live streamed, not to mention, AP may have live coverage.

The I/O 2015 website is up already, there is however not presently a complete agenda. The website comes with some awesome animations, though. Bing is pretty seriously interested in these components theme.

[Could It Be 5 O’Clock Yet?] Search Are Now Able To Let You Know Steps To Make Cocktails

[Could It Be 5 O’Clock Yet?] Search Are Now Able To Let You Know Steps To Make Cocktails

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You will find numerous cocktail varieties available and merely as numerous ways to carry out which makes them (one approach being to suggest in the menu once the waiter appears). Moving forward, folks searching to create their very own will not even need to click a hyperlink to determine a recipe. Google will begin supplying instructions right towards the top of their search engine results.

The directions will not appear should you only look for the a cocktail. You have to frame looking like a question, for example “Steps To Make A Bloody Mary,” or just range from the word “make” using the search phrases. The steps can look inside a box beneath the relevant ads.

The instructions aren’t extended, but more information can be obtained if you want it. On Android devices, you’ll find it hidden within lower arrow. Inside a browser, that details are put into the sidebar rather. You are supplied with the needed alcohol, ingredients, a hyperlink to Wikipedia, along with other details.

If you are studying this from the work computer, please hold back until you take a look at before putting this latest feature to make use of. And That I mean physically take a look at, not psychologically. We know the second happened not long ago.

Search (Playboard) Search (Play Store)

Analysis: Which EMM vendor should you opt for – and which analyst report should you opt for?

Analysis: Which EMM vendor should you opt for – and which analyst report should you opt for?

Analysis The 2009 week, Ovum released its ranking from the enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors, joining Gartner, Forrester, and also the Radicati Group for making its verdicts. There’s lots of correlation in between each report, but there’s also a few subtle variations. Which should you opt for?

A historic take a look at how Gartner has rated these vendors shows a genuine understanding of the consolidation from the market. In 2011, there have been an astonishing 17 players within the niche segment from the Magic Quadrant. Some, for example Fiberlink, were clicked up by big vendors to enhance their offering. Others, like SOTI, have progressively labored their way to the top, or, like McAfee, happen to be bounced out altogether.

Consequently, along with some jockeying and harrying, as well as good quality old M&A, there exists a fairly well-established list at the very top: Good Technology, and MobileIron representing the pure-play vendors, and IBM and Citrix representing the hyper vendors. AirWatch by VMware, naturally, sits on stools.

Let’s check out the discrepancies in between each analyst report:

Gartner: Gartner sees the 5 aforementioned companies as leaders, with MobileIron getting the very best vision and AirWatch executing best. Bubbling just below were SOTI and SAP.

AirWatch had significant strengths, but Gartner noted a few customer grumbles, meaning customers only tried on the extender being an MDM/MAM solution – only two six prongs in Ovum’s complete EMM offering listing. MobileIron, however, was criticised because of its more limited Android manufacturer API support.

Forrester: Forrester had IBM towards the top of their tree, adopted by Citrix, MobileIron, AirWatch and Good Technology. Visit a pattern emerging? Yet there have been 10 vendors within the leaders category, indicating an very tight grouping. BlackBerry, Soti, Symantec, SAP and Sophos also made the cut.

Radicati: The Radicati Group’s analysis required a rather different path, really missing out IBM altogether. Their top six vendors were AirWatch, BlackBerry, Citrix, Good, MobileIron and SAP, in no particular order. AirWatch got top marks both in key groups.

One factor to notice regarding BlackBerry: the Canadian manufacturer scored very heavily in share of the market, but lagged behind in functionality.

Ovum: Ovum differs slightly in the other three by omitting Good Technology in the winner’s circle. Rather their leaders are AirWatch, Citrix, IBM, MobileIron, SAP and SOTI.

AirWatch was considered the ‘undisputed’ leader, with Ovum dedicating a few pages of their are accountable to evaluating its scores within the six key market groups mobile phone management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), telecom expense management, network access control, identity and access management (IAM), and mobile database integration platform (MADP).

Good narrowly missed the cut because Ovum thought it lacked over a couple of the six groups.

Going for a purely unscientific analysis, there are just three companies who get top marks all four analysts: AirWatch, Citrix, and MobileIron. A rather much deeper look entails which vendor you need to choose, and which analyst report you need to choose too.

Gartner’s report concentrates on hardware and application inventory, mobile application deployment and mobile cms, with specific weaknesses and strengths for every player. Ovum takes a closer inspection at telecom expense and identity and access management. Forrester, alternately, requires a very detailed look, with 15 groups, including enterprise application stores, analytics and worker experience, weighted appropriately.

Each report differs slightly in cost, too. Forrester’s report costs $2495, Gartner’s full Magic Quadrant analysis will definitely cost $1995, Radicati’s will definitely cost $1000, while Ovum doesn’t share a cost but could be contacted here.

The conclusion, however, is the fact that mixing all reports, there are a few vendors which are consistently in the summit from the rankings. A built-in EMM product should cope with everything, but you will find naturally likely to be comparative weaknesses and strengths. All that you should know is within what areas you particularly require an EMM solution, and which vendors would be best outfitted to supply that. Research isn’t anyone’s favourite task, but it’s mighty important – and there’s a number of sources to obtain the best answer for the company.


The new sony Announces A Brand New 22.5 Megapixel CMOS Camera Sensor – Anticipate Seeing It In Lots Of Phones Later This Season

The new sony Announces A Brand New 22.5 Megapixel CMOS Camera Sensor – Anticipate Seeing It In Lots Of Phones Later This Season

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The new sony has become much less of the element in the smartphone world, however their camera sensor modules are first rate. You’ll find Sony’s Exmor camera sensors in pretty much every high-finish phone available on the market nowadays, including Samsung’s Universe line and also the iPhone. Then when the organization announces a brand new high-finish sensor, it’s a problem. This is the situation today: Sony’s camera division has revealed the IMX318, a brand new sensor with increased megapixels, small dimensions, and a number of built-in features.

The IMX318 uses 22.5 megapixels, that is a modest bump within the previous 20MP design. But it is also smaller sized and thinner than previous versions having a diagonal measurement of just 6.86 millimeters – this means that the pixels around the sensor itself are roughly one micrometer (one thousandth of the millimeter) across. Additionally to minuscule dimensions and power draw, the sensor are designed for full 4K recording at 30 fps, 1080p at 120FPS, and 720p at 240FPS, enabling impressive slow-motion video.

Hold on, because the salesperson states, there’s more. The sensor supports hybrid auto-focus (mixing image plade recognition and contrast recognition), triple-axis image stabilization for video, and lens resolution correction, combined with the usual features for contemporary camera sensors. The IMX318 is going to be open to Sony’s OEM partners beginning in May of the year in a sample cost of 2000 yen, roughly $17.50.

[Deal Alert] Carry The Samsung SmartThings Hub And Outlet Bundle For $35 Off

[Deal Alert] Carry The Samsung SmartThings Hub And Outlet Bundle For $35 Off

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Stop me if you have heard this before, there is however an opportunity that connecting things to the web could make them more simple to use. I understand, the correct answer is the concept.

Gadget makers happen to be turning that concept right into a product you can purchase. Go ahead and take stuff SmartThings makes. “Smart” outlets allow you to toggle stuff that you plug in to the wall, for example lamps and fans. And that is hardly all. Just one hub controls everything, and you may communicate with that device making use of your smartphone.

For the following 15 hrs approximately, you are able to grab a SmartThings hub along with a single outlet for $119.19. The 2 presently cost $99.00 and $49.99 individually.

This bundle will not go far by itself. You will probably wish to grab more outlets, sensors, along with other compatible devices. But this isn’t a poor method of getting began.


[Deal Alert] CHOE 6-Port Turbo Charger (With Two Qualcomm Quick Charge 2. Ports) Is $24.99 On Amazon . com With Coupon

[Deal Alert] CHOE 6-Port Turbo Charger (With Two Qualcomm Quick Charge 2. Ports) Is $24.99 On Amazon . com With Coupon
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The Nexus 6 is very large and fast and sharp, but my personal favorite feature is most likely its Quick Charge capacity, which lets it replenish in a small fraction of time it requires older phones. The only issue is this fact feature requires special charging adapters: one of these is available in this area, but all of those other time you are tied to that old charging rate. If you are looking for an additional Quick Charge adapter, and also you wouldn’t mind charging a lot of other things simultaneously, read this deal around the US form of Amazon . com.


The CHOE Adaptive Fast Charger Turbo Charger with Qualcomm Technology (breathe) is a nice standard multi-charge adapter, but a couple of its six USB ports may charge phones or tablets which use Qualcomm’s Quick Charge tech concurrently. (It could also be in a position to charge similar, competing quick-charging standards, but Qualcomm is exactly what it’s rated for.) The gadget is generally $35, which is not bad to begin with, however a Slickdeals forum poster found an Amazon . com coupon that lowers the cost to $24.99. That’s just $4.16 a port!


Enter “CE7GDJNY” throughout the Amazon . com checkout tactic to get ten dollars off. The coupon is apparently valid until May 31st. Without or with the discount, Amazon . com Prime subscribers get free two-day shipping, and also the deal qualifies for Super Saver shipping even though you avoid using Prime.


[Update: Amazon Too] Google Refuses To Allow Postal Game In The Play Store For 'Gratuitous Violence' – Apparently They Forgot About GTA, The Walking Dead, And Others

[Update: Amazon Too] Google Refuses To Allow Postal Game In The Play Store For ‘Gratuitous Violence’ – Apparently They Forgot About GTA, The Walking Dead, And Others
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  • Update 1: 2015/04/10 12:35pm PDT

    Running With Scissors vice president Mike Jaret reached out to let us know that Postal has also been refused from the Amazon Appstore. That’s particularly odd, because in addition

  • Update 2: 2015/04/10 12:37pm PDT

    Amazon has reversed its decision. Postal is now available for download from the Amazon Appstore for $1.99. It is still not available from the Google Play Store.

If you’re below a certain age or simply not all that familiar with the history of video games, perhaps you haven’t heard about Postal. Originally released for the PC in 1997, Postal was an isometric top-down shooter – think Contra with some better graphics. Postal was, by all accounts, a fairly unremarkable game; its mechanics were simple and its story was rudimentary. What made it notable was its intense violence and the depiction of the “gone postal” protagonist shooting defenseless civilians.

According to an administrator on the forum of Postal developer Running With Scissors, Google has refused to allow a port of the original game on the Play Store. The company denied the game on the grounds of “gratuitous violence,” something that is forbidden in Google’s developer agreement. Google, as the owner and arbiter of the Play Store, has the right and the duty to censor its content when it feels appropriate – I don’t think anyone would object to the removal of, say, “Lynching Simulator 2015” or “9-11 Bombing Run.” Here are some screenshots from the original Postal, presumably similar to what would have been included in an Android port. Screenshots are taken from the Steam re-release of the game.

ss_032f8882e02b4aa030400dea54ea8bf9c8c302d2.1920x1080 ss_57824a5228a166ef1200f42f155ce8ed21d82722.1920x1080 ss_51022136ce157edd4558d13003223808620c95f9.1920x1080

As you can see, Postal does indeed depict gratuitous violence, albeit in a fairly low-resolution form. The isometric view of bodies strewn around various environments can, in the right light, call to mind mass shootings and other real-world catastrophes. Google is probably justified in the decision not to allow Postal on the Play Store, according to a strict interpretation of its four-level rating system.


However, deciding what’s OK to show in an app or game becomes tricky when you’re talking about a store with tens of thousands of entries. Entries (as noted by the original forum post) like Grand Theft Auto III, Max Payne, Carmageddon, Half-Life 2, and The Walking Dead. These are all handled with varying degrees of “reality” – Carmageddon in particular is meant to be over-the-top and comedic in a sort of grindhouse cinema way – but calling Postal more or less violent than these games seems like a stretch at best. All of these games, and many others in the Play Store, have been rated “M” for mature on other platforms by the ESRB.

Gameloft’s Modern Combat series displays semi-realistic military shooting: opponents bleed and die, and you get extra points for a headshot. In Grand Theft Auto you can murder civilians and police officers – indeed, many missions require you to do so. Shoot someone in the head with GTAIII’s sniper rifle and it pops off with blood shooting from the neck. Carmaggeddon awards extra points for running over pedestrians in weaponized cars. TellTale’s adventure game based on Game of Thrones shows the graphic and, yes, realistic murder of a child in the very first episode. And that’s without mentioning the hundreds and hundreds of zombie games where rotting human corpses are blown to smithereens.


Let’s check out a direct analog to Postal, shall we? John Woo’s Bloodstroke is an isometric top-down action wherein the main character shoots and stabs her way through hundreds of “bad guys.” The comic book style and lack of civilian targets may grant the game a pass, but there’s no denying that it’s just as violent as the original Postal, possibly more so thanks to the black, white, and red color scheme.

ss_57824a5228a166ef1200f42f155ce8ed21d82722.1920x1080 nexusae0_unnamed-41

One of these games has “graphic violence” and one of them has “gratuitous real violence.” Can you tell the difference? Because Google can.

The deciding factor here seems to be the idea of “real” violence, as described in the Google Support page above. But the concept of reality is flexible when applied to video games. Postal’s world is just as fictional as Grand Theft Auto’s, or Modern Combat’s, or Gangstar’s. Games like Carmageddon and The Walking Dead are obviously more fictional in that they exist in a world where impossible things happen, but that’s a dangerous road to go down when you compare it to Hollywood-style escapist violence as seen in Die Hard. Which, by the way, also has its own Android game. It looks like Google is applying the good old pornography definition to the shady line between “graphic violence” and “gratuitous real violence”: they know it when they see it.

Later this month Warner Bros. Interactive is scheduled to publish a mobile version of Mortal Kombat X. If it’s anything like the console version, incredibly violent deaths will be lovingly detailed in high-resolution, slow-motion, and x-ray shots that would make any horror movie producer green with envy. I wonder if Google will allow it on the Play Store. And speaking of the Play Store itself, R-rated movies, horror comic books, and graphic depictions of violence and sex are readily available in the movie and book sections of the store. Why do those mediums get a pass while video games are treated with kid gloves?

This is where I’d put a screenshot of a Fatality attack from Mortal Kombat X, if I weren’t seriously disturbed by the sight of someone being dragged crotch-first through a spinning buzz saw. If MKX makes it into the Play Store as scheduled, Google will have serious ethical contradiction to deal with.

I’m not exactly an evangelist for violent games – to be perfectly honest, I find the level of gleeful violence in Postal and Mortal Kombat off-putting. And Google’s not the only mobile distributor to get squeamish about violence. Recently Apple told its developers to remove guns from all screenshots in the App Store – not to censor the apps themselves, mind you, just the publicly-visible promotional material. But if Google wants Android games to be considered the equal of console or PC titles, they need allow the same kind of titles that PC and console players have access to, blood and all. These are games meant to be played by adults, not children, and are clearly labeled as such by Google’s own rating system.


A fairly typical scene from Grand Theft Auto III. Screenshot credit: Steam user KayJay23.

If Google evaluates a game and finds it to be really, truly offensive, then removing it is within their rights. Valve probably did the same thing with indie game Hatred, which resembles Postal in many ways, before eventually allowing it back on Steam again. But if Google is indeed going to play judge and jury for both developers and its end users, then they need to apply an even hand across the entire Play Store. To put it simply, if Postal shows an unacceptable level of violence, then so does Grand Theft Auto. The fact that giant developers and publishers seem to get much more leeway than independents like Running With Scissors shows an even more disturbing side to Google’s uneven patrolling of the Play Store.

Update 1: 2015/04/10 12:35pm PDT

Running With Scissors vice president Mike Jaret reached out to let us know that Postal has also been refused from the Amazon Appstore. That’s particularly odd, because in addition to publishing many of the games mentioned above, Amazon sells the PC version of Postal on its own digital download service. Amazon also sells violent and sexually explicit movies, TV shows, books, and comics, both in digital and physical form.

Amazon’s policy on app content is surprisingly lenient – based on the terms related to violence below, you’d think that the “maturity ratings” Amazon provides for other apps could be applied to Postal.

Offensive Content: What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of all apps and to accept or reject any app at our discretion. We also have full discretion to publish maturity ratings for the apps.

Mr. Jaret has provided Android Police with the rejection letters from both Google and Amazon and given us permission to publish them. Both letters refer to the policies above – which govern other violent games on the Play Store and Appstore – and both inform the applicant that submitting similar apps may result in the suspension of the developer account.

Google Play Rejection


Mr. Jaret added that Running With Scissors has submitted the Android version of Postal to Humble (the organizers of the Humble Bundle) and third-party Android app store Aptoide. The game may also be made available on the Running With Scissors online store.

End of Update

Update 2: 2015/04/10 12:37pm PDT

Amazon has reversed its decision. Postal is now available for download from the Amazon Appstore for $1.99. It is still not available from the Google Play Store.

End of Update

Are firms 'such as Apple' to blame for BYOD security headaches?

Are firms ‘such as Apple’ to blame for BYOD security headaches?

You can’t swing a cat at the moment without hitting someone saying something about bring your own device (BYOD), and this week is no different, with a UK tech security firm casting a doubting shadow over BYOD’s cost-saving and security credentials.

UK security and identity management specialist Lieberman Software has laid the blame for sleepless nights and bitten nails of IT managers everywhere squarely at the feet of consumer device manufacturers.  

The firm suggested that over two thirds of tech professionals in London believe that BYOD is a route to increased costs. Just under a quarter felt the opposite, with 10% sat on the fence.

When asked what caused the organization the biggest headache, 43% of respondents cited an employee device introducing a virus; more than a quarter pointed the finger at employees losing a device, and 22% said employees stealing data was the biggest concern.

It’s worth noting that any new telecoms implementation is going to increase costs in the short term; the savings, security and process efficiency that BYOD proponents extol can only, if at all possible, result as part of a well planned and tightly governed mobility strategy that should negate many of these concerns.

However, the BYOD trend is being driven, the company’s president and CEO Philip Lieberman claimed, by device manufacturers, ‘such as Apple’, pushing their products out into the consumer market as enterprise ready or compatible, even if they’re not.

Essentially, while users increasingly come to expect the same level of design, user interface and general coolness in their enterprise technology as they get from their personal devices, the controls and security aren’t there yet, despite what they say.

“We’ve been here before,” he said. “It’s the same classic back door sales process used to promote PCs in the 1980s, where the large IT shops controlled both the glass house and what was on the desktops.

“Back then users and managers would show how PCs were better, faster and more flexible than the ‘stone age’ solutions offered by IT,” he added.

“Ultimately IT was forced to adopt PCs as their corporate standard. The new twist today is that the interlopers are devices that will always be owned by the consumer, not the company.”

Share Your Dropbox Files Directly In Facebook Messenger

Share Your Dropbox Files Directly In Facebook Messenger
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Facebook’s Developer Conference is scheduled to start today so this is probably one of many bits of Messenger and Facebook news you’ll read in the next 48 hours. Dropbox just announced that it now integrates in Messenger to allow you to share any media files or documents from your cloud to friends and group chats.

If you already have the Dropbox app installed on your phone, you’ll see it as a source for sharing under Messenger’s “More” menu just like in the first screenshot above. You can then browse your Dropbox files, pick the one to share, and send it. If it’s an image, gif, or video, it will be immediately embedded and previewed inside the conversation. Other file types show an “open” button which takes the recipient either to the Dropbox app (if it’s installed on their phones) or mobile site and gives them the option to preview and save.

If you made it through the post despite those stock iPhone images at the top, we apologize deeply. Dropbox didn’t provide any Android screenshots of the feature in action. It should work as pictured on Android too, and you’ll find the links to both required apps below.

Dropbox (Playboard) | Dropbox (Play Store)

Messenger (Playboard) | Messenger (Play Store)

Three UK Shows Off The LG Spirit 4G, Bringing The Company's Curved Design To The Mid-Range Segment

Three UK Shows Off The LG Spirit 4G, Bringing The Company’s Curved Design To The Mid-Range Segment
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Love it or hate it, the original LG G Flex sure did create some buzz. The second version of the phone appears to be an improvement in just about every way, but LG doesn’t seem to be content with flagship-style offerings. Three UK just announced that it will carry the LG Spirit 4G starting in June. This decidedly mid-range device also has a curved screen, and… well, that’s about the only interesting thing aside from Lollipop software at launch.

Before you get too excited, Three’s promotional video (the sole source of information on the phone so far) doesn’t mention flexibility at all, so this phone probably won’t bend or heal like the G Flex series. The curved glass covers a standard LCD screen, so presumably the panel itself is straight, more or less like the old Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus designs from Samsung. It’s a 4.7-inch 720p IPS panel, and underneath is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, just 1GB of RAM, a 2,100mAh battery, an 8MP camera, and a MicroSD card slot. More detailed specs haven’t been given, but it will run Android 5.0.1 (plus LG’s skin) at launch. Pricing is not available at this time, though Three says it’s “affordable.”

The physical design is pretty safe for LG. Aside from the “curved” screen and rear-mounted buttons it’s not all that intriguing, though I’m happy to see that LG is sticking to soft navigation buttons (with a standard layout, no less!). The phone is surprisingly thick at 9.95mm, even with a relatively small battery. This could be an indication of LG’s mid-range and low-end design language for the rest of this year, or it could simply be a one-off. We’ll see if the Spirit (or similar variants) come to other markets.