Lucid Performance can help you enhance your mental fitness

While health and fitness apps are all around, mental fitness could be more elusive. So Lucid Performance has produced its Mental Fitness Platform to help individuals enhance their focus pressurized.

The organization is unveiling the woking platform today being an extension of their android and ios Lucid application. The woking platform offers five-minute mental fitness workouts in line with the methods of training of Lucid advisor George Mumford, a mindfulness and gratifaction coach that has trained the kind of National basketball association stars Kobe Bryant and Jordan.

“It’s not about relaxation. It’s really about positive affirmation, the way you manage the chaos inside your existence to get involved with the flow and also the zone,” stated Michael Howse, someone at Eleven Ventures as well as an investor in Lucid Performance, within an interview with VentureBeat. “A large amount of this originated from an emphasis on sports performance.”

Mumford labored around the Lucid tech using the company’s director of mental training, Graham Betchart. Within the last decade, Betchart has labored independently with top athletes in the National football league, Major league baseball, and National basketball association, such as the league’s three consecutive No. 1 draft picks from 2014 through 2016.

Aside from the application, Lucid will offer you lengthy-form educational videos, books, and podcasts, in addition to location-based clinics, conferences, and occasions. The apps happen to be downloaded 65,000 occasions. Now Lucid will prove to add many other major sports towards the activities it supports.

“Our vision is to produce a large consumer brand around mindfulness and athletics,” Howse stated.

Above: Lucid Performance

Image Credit: Lucid Performance

“We’ve provided a real competitive benefit to Lucid users by helping them master the mental game, and we’re seeing amazing performance transformations,” stated Jason Stirman, Lucid Chief executive officer and cofounder, inside a statement.

Focus is really a mental skill that anybody can usually benefit from, Howse stated. It will help you visualize yourself finishing actions with confidence.

Since 2016, the organization has additionally collaborated with round-the-clock Fitness to create mental training performance content and insights open to the latter’s over 3 million people across greater than 400 clubs round the country. round-the-clock Fitness has featured Lucid’s method of as their pharmicudical counterpart on its in-club 24Life TV network, by having an invitation towards the Lucid platform.

Furthermore, Lucid has hired three new professional athletes to the advisory board: Skal Labissière from the Sacramento Nobleman, Jaylen Brown from the Boston Celtics, and former USA volleyball team member Cynthia Barboza.

Lucid’s investors include Aaron Gordon from the Orlando Magic, Eleven Ventures, True Ventures, and Apparent Ventures.

Users can download the Lucid application for iOS or Android, and it is free for any short free trial. Subscriptions are $10 per month. Lucid presently has 10 employees.

The organization stated the application continues to be growing users by about 35 % each week which 92 percent of users renew their subscriptions.

Samsung chief Jay Y. Lee given 5-year jail sentence for bribery

(Reuters) – The millionaire mind of South Korea’s Samsung Group, Jay Y. Lee, was jailed for 5 years for bribery on Friday following a six-month trial more than a scandal that introduced lower obama.

Lee had compensated bribes awaiting favors from then president Park Geun-hye, based on a landmark ruling with a Seoul court, that also found him responsible for hiding assets abroad, embezzlement and perjury.

Lee, the 49-year-old heir to among the world’s greatest corporate empires, continues to be held since Feb on charges he bribed Park to assist secure charge of a conglomerate that owns Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading smartphone and nick maker, and it has interests varying from drugs and residential appliances to insurance and hotels.

Lee denied wrongdoing.

Certainly one of his lawyers, Song Wu-cheol, stated Lee would appeal the low court ruling.

“The entire verdict is unacceptable,” Song stated, adding he was confident his client’s innocence could be affirmed with a greater court.

Under South Korean law, sentences in excess of 3 years cannot be suspended. The 5-year sentence is among the longest prison terms provided to a South Korean business leader.

WatchOS 3 beta helps responders in 911 situations

Apple’s anxiety about emergencies is not limited to patents and also the iPhone, once we lately reported. Two features for that Apple Watch happen to be in position for that watchOS 3 beta. The 2 additional features, Medical ID and Emergency SOS, are activated by holding along side it button lower for any couple of seconds. This is actually the button near the Crown Jewel.

The Medical ID details are joined in to the Health application around the iPhone prior to an emergency, and includes the wearer’s name, bloodstream type, height, and weight. This provides responders the data around the watch to start medicine in the scene. If the watch owner is definitely an organ donor can also be indicated.

The Emergency SOS feature tries to call 911 when swiped. It uses cellular systems if the active iPhone is nearby or Wi-Fi otherwise. Location services is switched on temporarily for such calls even when deactivated around the watch. Emergency SOS also transmits a computerized text to designated contacts joined ahead of time in to the iPhone application (iOS 10 beta and above), letting individuals folks know a 911 crisis is within progress where.

The beta for watchOS 3 can be obtained to individuals who install the iOS 10 beta with an iPhone.

Hangouts’ Easter time Eggs Assist You To Finish Your April Fools Pranks On The Funny Note

Hangouts’ Easter time Eggs Assist You To Finish Your April Fools Pranks On The Funny Note

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Have you just conduct a little or elaborate prank in your buddies, family people, or coworkers? If that’s the case, and should you be speaking for them on Hangouts, as soon as you choose to reveal your true intentions and also the nature from the prank, you will be helped by an array of easter time egg animations. Which should soften the blow – potentially.

To date, we have seen a clown, a joker (or jester or fool), as well as an emoji disguised in eyeglasses along with a mustache. The animations are triggered by typing, “Happy April Fools,” but there might be other variations around the term that actually work too. Keep in mind, one funny laughing face doesn’t create a bad prank good.


UberPlus is business class for taxis

UberPlus is business class for taxis


Goes south from the river at the moment of night

Uber features a brand new service that sits between its standard UberX and-finish UberBlack. It’s known as UberPlus, and it is like business class for taxis.

It’s pricier than UberX – though still less expensive than the usual regular taxi, Uber reaches pains to indicate – but less expensive than UberBlack. The bottom fare is 40 each minute, and 35 miles. The minimum fare is

Order through it, and you will be selected in a Mercedes-Benz C-class, Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, or any other model that’s slightly better than your standard minicab. Each seats as much as four passengers.

Here’s the issue – it is just moving in La right now. Though expect it to achieve other metropolitan areas all over the world soon.

Uber warns that demand might be high although it will get ready to go, so that you can expect delays.

Uber has met with opposition all across the globe from taxi motorists who claim it’s flouting recognized rules of conduct. Working In London, cab motorists have protested, saying the service breaks Transport for London’s rules.

The service was banned in Germany recently, though the court has since overturned the ruling.

Travis Kalanick, Uber’s boss, lately told the BBC he wasn’t a bully. “I have never been derogatory towards taxi motorists,” he stated. “In america there’s essentially a cartel of taxi companies, I had been talking about them.”

Find out more: What’s Uber and why has it caused a black cab protest?


Google wants the food snaps for Google Maps

Google wants the food snaps for Google Maps

Google Maps food

Bing is apparently focusing on a brand new Google Maps feature which will harness users’ food photos.

The brand new feature is incorporated in the testing phase at this time, based on Android Police.

Level three Google Maps guides and above are apparently visiting a feature that basically notices once they use their phone to capture a food picture in a restaurant or bar. Google Maps will send a notification to that particular user asking whether it can publish the look for the advantage of other users.

You are able to already see under your own accord added location images whenever you tap on the pin in the search engines Maps. This selection would seem to provide that function just a little nudge along in direction of food photography.

It will not only new feature be handy for other users, it will likewise accelerate the entire process of adding restaurant reviews to Google Maps. The blurb states that it’ll take “just two taps.”

Google already tested a stand-alone food photography service known as Tablescape earlier around, but wound up closing it lower. At that time, Google assured users it had not abandoned food photography, which “you might even see the influence of Tablescape later on apps.”

That influence is obvious within this latest Google initiative.

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As the new Google Maps feature in testing does not clearly mention food photography, it will reference taking snapshots of “restaurants, bars, meals and drinks” as well as posting pictures of your “epic meal.”

Anticipate seeing the feature moving to Google Maps proper whether it turns out to be successful with local guides.

Next, take a look at our Nexus 6 review video:


SHIELD Tablet Update 3.1.1 Moving Out Now, Brings Stagefright Patch And Much More

SHIELD Tablet Update 3.1.1 Moving Out Now, Brings Stagefright Patch And Much More
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If you have NVIDIA’s flagship tablet (hopefully you’ve already swapped yours set for a substitute having a non-explodable battery), then you’re ready to hit that settings menu and pull the most recent update the SHIELD team is pushing to devices now.

This a person’s not really a huge deal – only a couple of bugfixes, performance enhancements, etc. The most known fix is really a patch for that Stagefright vulnerability otherwise, it’s really quite simple. Here’s phone full changelog:

  • Security patch for Stagefright
  • Stability and gratifaction enhancements
  • System wide optimizations and fixes, including battery performance and Netflix playback
  • SHIELD Wireless controller Firmware update

I simply pulled this on my small 32GB SHIELD Tablet, which signifies in my experience it’s already readily available for both Wi-Fi and cellular models.

Was iOS 5 well worth the wait?

Was iOS 5 well worth the wait?

Apple’s much anticipated iOS 5 premiered yesterday. The brand new operating-system offers a variety of additional features and enhancements for Apple devices.

  • The brand new notification product is the greatest new feature. Messages are displayed towards the top of your screen, meaning you can keep around the application you’re presently focusing on, without getting to bother with the notification. You may also personalize this selection to meet your requirements.
  • Apple’s undertake Blackberry Messenger can also be available, where one can send group or individual message to individuals via 3G or Wi-Fi. iMessage works similar to the normal MMS application, but uses emails rather to transmit text and photos to individuals.
  • Your camera settings also have gone advanced, with added photo-editing choices. Now you can rotate or crop a picture, along with other things, effortlessly. You may also access the digital camera from the lock screen.
  • Twitter continues to be integrated with iOS 5, meaning you are able to send tweets and photos from Safari, Photos, Maps and YouTube, combined with the primary application.
  • Newly discovered apps featuring can also be found, either by iOS 5 or download. Included in this are Newsstand, which holds your magazine/newspaper subscriptions for simple access, and discover My Buddies, to talk about your location with others.
  • You don’t need to depend in your USB cable for connecting your Apple device to iTunes. iOS 5 enables you to sync them together by Wi-Fi or iCloud, which makes it simpler to instantly download apps across devices.

However, Apple weren’t ready for that hurry and also the release left many users disappointed yesterday, because they were welcomed by a mistake message during installation.

The issue began when so many people attempted to connect with Apple’s servers to be able to install the brand new system simultaneously, making ‘Error 3200’ show up on people’s screens.

Apple’s server reps were stated to become focusing on the issue. Others issues incorporated missing apps, extended backups and bricked iPhones.

Not everybody experienced these complaints, so people could benefit from the lengthy-anticipated software with no extended wait.

Have you experience challenge with installing iOS 5? What’s your favourite feature? Tell us within the comments below.

Mark Your Calendars-Google I/O 2015 Is Going On On May 28th And 29th

Mark Your Calendars-Google I/O 2015 Is Going On On May 28th And 29th

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Google I/O is a big event for Android each year, so we know when it is going lower in 2015. Google’s mind of Chrome and Android, Sundar Pichai has published the state dates on the internet . The conference is going to be held on May 28th and 29th in Bay Area.

You will see a restricted quantity of spots at I/O, and there is always lots of competition for tickets. Google began managing a lottery this past year to create ticket disbursement more fair. It will likely be exactly the same factor this season, based on the registration page. Registrations will open on March 17 at 9AM PDT. If you cannot allow it to be, all of the sessions ought to be live streamed, not to mention, AP may have live coverage.

The I/O 2015 website is up already, there is however not presently a complete agenda. The website comes with some awesome animations, though. Bing is pretty seriously interested in these components theme.

[Could It Be 5 O’Clock Yet?] Search Are Now Able To Let You Know Steps To Make Cocktails

[Could It Be 5 O’Clock Yet?] Search Are Now Able To Let You Know Steps To Make Cocktails

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You will find numerous cocktail varieties available and merely as numerous ways to carry out which makes them (one approach being to suggest in the menu once the waiter appears). Moving forward, folks searching to create their very own will not even need to click a hyperlink to determine a recipe. Google will begin supplying instructions right towards the top of their search engine results.

The directions will not appear should you only look for the a cocktail. You have to frame looking like a question, for example “Steps To Make A Bloody Mary,” or just range from the word “make” using the search phrases. The steps can look inside a box beneath the relevant ads.

The instructions aren’t extended, but more information can be obtained if you want it. On Android devices, you’ll find it hidden within lower arrow. Inside a browser, that details are put into the sidebar rather. You are supplied with the needed alcohol, ingredients, a hyperlink to Wikipedia, along with other details.

If you are studying this from the work computer, please hold back until you take a look at before putting this latest feature to make use of. And That I mean physically take a look at, not psychologically. We know the second happened not long ago.

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Analysis: Which EMM vendor should you opt for – and which analyst report should you opt for?

Analysis: Which EMM vendor should you opt for – and which analyst report should you opt for?

Analysis The 2009 week, Ovum released its ranking from the enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors, joining Gartner, Forrester, and also the Radicati Group for making its verdicts. There’s lots of correlation in between each report, but there’s also a few subtle variations. Which should you opt for?

A historic take a look at how Gartner has rated these vendors shows a genuine understanding of the consolidation from the market. In 2011, there have been an astonishing 17 players within the niche segment from the Magic Quadrant. Some, for example Fiberlink, were clicked up by big vendors to enhance their offering. Others, like SOTI, have progressively labored their way to the top, or, like McAfee, happen to be bounced out altogether.

Consequently, along with some jockeying and harrying, as well as good quality old M&A, there exists a fairly well-established list at the very top: Good Technology, and MobileIron representing the pure-play vendors, and IBM and Citrix representing the hyper vendors. AirWatch by VMware, naturally, sits on stools.

Let’s check out the discrepancies in between each analyst report:

Gartner: Gartner sees the 5 aforementioned companies as leaders, with MobileIron getting the very best vision and AirWatch executing best. Bubbling just below were SOTI and SAP.

AirWatch had significant strengths, but Gartner noted a few customer grumbles, meaning customers only tried on the extender being an MDM/MAM solution – only two six prongs in Ovum’s complete EMM offering listing. MobileIron, however, was criticised because of its more limited Android manufacturer API support.

Forrester: Forrester had IBM towards the top of their tree, adopted by Citrix, MobileIron, AirWatch and Good Technology. Visit a pattern emerging? Yet there have been 10 vendors within the leaders category, indicating an very tight grouping. BlackBerry, Soti, Symantec, SAP and Sophos also made the cut.

Radicati: The Radicati Group’s analysis required a rather different path, really missing out IBM altogether. Their top six vendors were AirWatch, BlackBerry, Citrix, Good, MobileIron and SAP, in no particular order. AirWatch got top marks both in key groups.

One factor to notice regarding BlackBerry: the Canadian manufacturer scored very heavily in share of the market, but lagged behind in functionality.

Ovum: Ovum differs slightly in the other three by omitting Good Technology in the winner’s circle. Rather their leaders are AirWatch, Citrix, IBM, MobileIron, SAP and SOTI.

AirWatch was considered the ‘undisputed’ leader, with Ovum dedicating a few pages of their are accountable to evaluating its scores within the six key market groups mobile phone management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), telecom expense management, network access control, identity and access management (IAM), and mobile database integration platform (MADP).

Good narrowly missed the cut because Ovum thought it lacked over a couple of the six groups.

Going for a purely unscientific analysis, there are just three companies who get top marks all four analysts: AirWatch, Citrix, and MobileIron. A rather much deeper look entails which vendor you need to choose, and which analyst report you need to choose too.

Gartner’s report concentrates on hardware and application inventory, mobile application deployment and mobile cms, with specific weaknesses and strengths for every player. Ovum takes a closer inspection at telecom expense and identity and access management. Forrester, alternately, requires a very detailed look, with 15 groups, including enterprise application stores, analytics and worker experience, weighted appropriately.

Each report differs slightly in cost, too. Forrester’s report costs $2495, Gartner’s full Magic Quadrant analysis will definitely cost $1995, Radicati’s will definitely cost $1000, while Ovum doesn’t share a cost but could be contacted here.

The conclusion, however, is the fact that mixing all reports, there are a few vendors which are consistently in the summit from the rankings. A built-in EMM product should cope with everything, but you will find naturally likely to be comparative weaknesses and strengths. All that you should know is within what areas you particularly require an EMM solution, and which vendors would be best outfitted to supply that. Research isn’t anyone’s favourite task, but it’s mighty important – and there’s a number of sources to obtain the best answer for the company.