WhatsApp adds colorful text status updates, much like Facebook

WhatsApp today started to unveil Status updates you may make by writing text on the colorful image background, a business spokesperson has informed VentureBeat. While Status debuted like a text-only feature, it increased to incorporate pics and vids. Today’s update lets users select a font, background color, as well as add links.

Facebook first began testing colorful test status in December 2016, before moving them to everybody around the social networking in March 2017. WhatsApp began testing its new colorful Status option with select users earlier this year before moving it to everybody today.

Facebook owns WhatsApp, but it’s still not present with see the organization test a really specific feature in the primary application before getting it to WhatsApp. Colored backgrounds on status updates are meant to increase engagement, even though many users locate them annoying, Facebook clearly believes they’re working trained with is pushing them out across its apps.

First introduced in Feb, Status updates disappear in 24 hrs. The Snapchat-like updates have 250 million daily users, exceeding the Snap’s primary product, Facebook announced recently.

Also announced today, Status updates is visible with WhatsApp on the internet.

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