AR/VR Weekly: Making people’s lives better

The large news each week is HTC’s decision to reduce the cost of their Vive virtual reality headset. The unit now costs $600, which makes it $200 cheaper and nearer to the Oculus Rift and Touch’s $400 cost. Our buddies at UploadVR come with an editorial on whether you should purchase it now.

However, you already understood that, I bet. However, are you aware that we learned much more about how application and device developers are utilizing AR and VR for social good, to make people’s lives better?

We begin with Samsung. It’s launched Relúm?no, a credit card applicatoin to assist individuals with visual impairments see more clearly. It really works using the Gear VR headset, also it utilizes a phone’s rear camera to exaggerate text, images, along with other things. It turns the unit right into a magnifying lens, as they say. It may also help with individuals who’ve tunnel vision. It comes down from Samsung’s C-Lab, their in-house incubator, and area of the next thing is going to be making “glasses-like products” to create this from the bulky VR headset.

Seems like AR glasses. Well, someone’s already focusing on a collection to assist the hearing impaired enjoy films. The Berlin-based Greta & Starks has apps that whisper and stream the subtitles of flicks for individuals who can’t hear well or whatsoever. And today it’s focusing on getting the subtitles to some Google Glass-like device.

These two advances might not cure cancer, however for individuals who’ve vision problems or are hearing impaired, the advantages couldn’t just enhance their lives but function as key walking gemstones to AR and VR dealing with significant health issues.

And isn’t the transformative nature of AR and VR why we love them about these to begin with?

For AR/VR coverage, send news ideas to Dean Takahashi and Shaun Grubb (for individuals that mix over into PC gaming). Please send guest publish submissions to Rowan Kaiser. Make sure to go to our AR/VR Funnel.

-Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

P.S. Only a indication that Hover Junkers remains among the best multi-player VR games.

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