Google Station public Wi-Fi program expands beyond India into Indonesia

Google has says it’s extending its public Wi-Fi service, known as Google Station, beyond India.

The web giant first unveiled google’s Station initiative in September 2015, announcing intends to install high-speed public Wi-Fi in 400 train stations across India. That can be a program is well going ahead, with a large number of Google-backed Wi-Fi hotspots dotted across the nation, the organization has partnered with local telecommunication companies FiberStar and CBN to produce the service in four locations in Indonesia.

Having a population in excess of 250 million people, Indonesia represents a significant marketplace for Google, however with internet transmission of just 50 %, there remains an enormous gap when it comes to getting people on the internet and, more to the point for Google, using internet services. Google Station hotspots is going to be coming at “hundreds of venues” across Java and Indonesia within the the coming year, the organization noted.

The rollout feeds into Google’s grand intend to concentrate on the “next billion” online users, operating that the organization has launched numerous products with emerging markets particularly in your mind. In India this past year, Google launched a brand new “offline first” YouTube application known as YouTube Go, constructed from the floor as much as work where connectivity is patchy. Google has additionally now says YouTube Go may also be landing in Indonesia soon.

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