Google wants the food snaps for Google Maps

Google wants the food snaps for Google Maps

Google Maps food

Bing is apparently focusing on a brand new Google Maps feature which will harness users’ food photos.

The brand new feature is incorporated in the testing phase at this time, based on Android Police.

Level three Google Maps guides and above are apparently visiting a feature that basically notices once they use their phone to capture a food picture in a restaurant or bar. Google Maps will send a notification to that particular user asking whether it can publish the look for the advantage of other users.

You are able to already see under your own accord added location images whenever you tap on the pin in the search engines Maps. This selection would seem to provide that function just a little nudge along in direction of food photography.

It will not only new feature be handy for other users, it will likewise accelerate the entire process of adding restaurant reviews to Google Maps. The blurb states that it’ll take “just two taps.”

Google already tested a stand-alone food photography service known as Tablescape earlier around, but wound up closing it lower. At that time, Google assured users it had not abandoned food photography, which “you might even see the influence of Tablescape later on apps.”

That influence is obvious within this latest Google initiative.

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As the new Google Maps feature in testing does not clearly mention food photography, it will reference taking snapshots of “restaurants, bars, meals and drinks” as well as posting pictures of your “epic meal.”

Anticipate seeing the feature moving to Google Maps proper whether it turns out to be successful with local guides.

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