[Bug Watch] Google Now Voice Instructions For Setting Reminders Create Alarms Or Calendar Occasions Rather

[Bug Watch] Google Now Voice Instructions For Setting Reminders Create Alarms Or Calendar Occasions Rather

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  • Update 1: 2015/03/25 7:53am PDT
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A number of users have started reporting issues with setting reminders using voice controls within the Search application, using the finish result becoming an alarm as opposed to a indication. This doesn’t occur when entering exactly the same command using the keyboard, therefore it would appear to become a server-side issue. In either case, you will need to consider this bug should you have a tendency to use voice instructions for this function, because you might be set for a rude awakening – literally.

This issue stands up with various wording too. For instance, “help remind me,” “set a indication,” “create a indication,” and “produce a indication” make the same result.

Reports on the internet Groups indicate this problem turning up in numerous configurations: Android 4.4.x, 5..x, and 5.1 together with Search v4.1.x, v4.2.x, and 4.3.x. There aren’t any obvious patterns with regards to the devices affected either. Personally, i tested two devices on 4.4.2 and 5..2, correspondingly, and also the last three versions from the Search application (v4.1.-v4.3). All signs indicate this being an element that resides on Google’s servers, where voice instructions are processed.

Another indicator this is probably server side is the fact that keying in the command works fine, even with similar text.

Another wrinkle happens when you consider adding more parameters towards the command, for example specific dates. Within this situation, you might be motivated to include a celebration for your calendar rather. Some have reported this, but I haven’t had the ability to replicate it in almost any of my attempts.

A Googler has taken care of immediately users on the internet Groups reporting the problem:

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for all your feedback. They is presently conscious of this problem, and we’re working to locate a solution. I’ll publish more after i come with an update.

Meanwhile, you may still create reminders by visiting recption menus icon within the top left corner of the house screen (Android) or by typing ‘remind me to’ during your search box (Android or iOS). If you want to do that, browse the Help Center article here.

Interesting persistence.

We’ll keep close track of items to see if this will get fixed. At this time, it doesn’t appear that users could make any changes to revive this function to the actual way it accustomed to work. You’ll have to sit tight. Meanwhile, as indicated, you are able to set reminders by hand by keying in exactly the same text that you’d normally dictate.

Update 1: 2015/03/25 7:53am PDT

It’s fixed

Google seems to possess folded out a fix for this around the back finish. Reminders will work again.

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