Vine web profiles incoming as custom URLs are offered

Vine web profiles incoming as custom URLs are offered

VIne Vine

The Twitter owned video sharing service Vine is on the verge of expansion as the company teases that Vine web profiles are inbound.

Allowing users of the six second video capturing service to bring their full collection of video clips to fans in one easy to access location, Vine has hinted that it will introduce web profiles in the near future, letting users register their interest now.

Helping the biggest Vine users to get ready for the new web profiles introduction, the company has started allowing users to snap up their own custom Vine URLs.

Although currently available only through the official Vine iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps or when video permalinks are shared on Facebook, Twitter or through email, the company’s placeholder website looks set to become a lot more useful in the near future.

Despite teasing the upcoming expansion, Vine has yet to offer a precise rollout date for the first Vine web profiles.

Vine is far from the only app-based service to make the jump to web. Last year, popular image sharing service Instagram stepped away from its app-based roots, with web profiles allowing users to browse full image and video collections online with ease.

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