Kanye ‘never, never, never on Apple’ West releases song on Apple Music

Kanye ‘never, never, never on Apple’ West releases song on Apple Music


Cash-strapped rapper Kanye West disappointed legions of no-one last month by proclaiming his new album would ‘never, never, never’ be available on Apple Music.

The bizarre Kardashian-in-law made the vow in support of his exclusive arrangement with Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming platform.

Apparently, Kanye’s anti-Apple stance wasn’t absolute as one of the songs from ‘The Life of Pablo’ is now available on Apple Music… and Spotify… and Google Play.

A new version of the song Famous (ft. Rihanna), featuring an altered lyric, has now been published on the rival platforms and can be even be streamed on ad-supported versions of the apps.

West has been updating the album over time, claiming some new form of evolving artistry in the process.

West’s dramatic endorsement of Tidal came on the same day he claimed debts of

Kanye apparently felt Zuck should invest

In other news, West was caught using The Pirate Bay to download music editing software last night. Times are tough at the top.

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  • I know what it is, im not sure what your point is, I never claimed it was bug, or anything else, I just asked a question.
    My worry is that Gmail will follow, because google are notoriously dicks, if it does, its over, will use another app entirely.

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